AOL Attachment Issues

AOL Attachment Issues

Guide to AOL Attachments Issues: Can’t Send, Receive, or Open Attachments

This world of technology is dependent on the electrical form of communication and thus the prevalence of email services is no surprise. One of the most prominent email service is AOL which is known to provide the fastest and most secure platform to meet your day-to-day communication needs. Emails usually contain attachments; Important files for sharing information. However, at some points, users find it difficult to send AOL emails and open attached emails in the emails received due to various reasons. There are a few things that you should definitely make sure of, to ensure the smooth functioning and AOL Mail features on your system.

Therefore, we have prepared an informative guide consisting of two parts for troubleshooting and sending respectively AOL email attachments.

  1. Can Not Send or Attach Attachments in AOL Email
  2. Can’t Open Received Attachments on AOL Email 

The first type of issues that come with users’ emails that contain attachments is sending such emails. Therefore, pay attention to these issues and discover ways to get hyper-attachments to send problems with the AOL account.

Can Not Send or Attach Attachments in AOL Email

  1. Check the File Size Limit
  2. Fix Browser Issues
  3. Internet Connection Problems
  4. File link is not Working
  • AOL provides 25MB of space to add attachments to your email, and it is advised to follow the fixed size limit of attachments to avoid any problems when sending them. Therefore, if you are attaching a large attachment, it is better to divide it into smaller parts and send it in separate emails instead of one email.
  • The main reason is to use an older version of the browser that your email is not attached to. Some browsers require regular updates to deliver their optimum performance as every update includes various enhancements and improvements.
  • When it comes to sending an attachment email, nothing will be more important than a proper internet connection. When the Internet connection is slow, this may be the reason.
  • If you are not able to open the link to the attached file, you can try to change the browser or you can fix the file problems and then try to re-attach the file.

2. Can’t Open Received Attachments on AOL Email 

  1. Restart PC and Try Again
  2. Try AOL Quick Restore
  • If none of the above methods are helping you, try the “OG” trick all the time and restart your PC and then try to open and download attachments received on AOL email. A restart session will clean your RAM and provide you with a fresh start to download the AOL email attachment. If you are not able to open the attachment, we recommend you use a different device or send the file to someone else and ask if they can download the file.
  • If you are using AOL software to access your AOL email account, a quick reinstall will help you fix most of the problems that are troubling the download of your AOL email attachments. Go to the “Start” menu, and type in “System” using the search bar. After that, choose “AOL System Information” followed by “Quick Restore“. Then click on OK and Close.

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