AOL Shield Pro browser protection FAQ ?

AOL Shield Pro browser protection FAQ ?

AOL Shield Pro protection FAQ?

AOL Shield Pro browser provides security with many advanced security features so you can worry less about online hazards as your daily progress.


✔ Anti-keylogging Technology (AKT): This technology technique provides users with real-time encryption. which always use advanced algorithms for protection of using online data.

✔  Screengrab protection: This technique is used to prevent malware from taking pictures of your monitor as you enter sensitive data. which are sent to an application malware of the window to save the users data.

Q. How does AOL Shield Pro Protect me from keylogging?

Ans. Keylogging is the technique used by a hacker that hacker writes on the keyboard of his computer. When you use AOL Shield Pro, our patent technology replaces the actual keys that you press with randomly generated characters to help prevent hackers from stealing sensitive data.

Q. How does AOL Pro Protect me Online threads?

Ans. We scan the internet for pirate sites designed to steal your personal information. If you unknowingly go to any of these sites with AOL Shield Pro, then we will inform you of the danger threads.

Q. Can I use Google Chrome extensions with AOL Shield Pro browser?

Ans. Yes, you can use, AOL Shield Pro supports most of your favorite Google Chrome extensions. AOL Shield Pro Browser most supported for this Extension.

Q. May I import Bookmarks and settings from my other browsers?

Ans. Yes, you can do it. The process of migrating from your old browser to AOL Shield Pro importing Bookmarks is very easy.

Q. Is AOL Shield Pro have “Private” or “incognito browsing”?

Ans. In the upper right of AOL Shield Pro, click the browser three horizontal lines(Menu button), and then click “New Incognito Window”. When You Open AOL Shield Pro Incognito Window. AOL Shield Pro can’t store your browsing history you’ve visited the site.

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