Block Unwanted Emails in My AOL Account

How to Block Unwanted Emails in AOL Account

Are you tired of receiving unwanted emails in AOL account and newsletters in your inbox? Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s an ideal way to block all emails, offers, and unwanted newsletters. This article will explain how to prevent unsolicited e-mail messages.

The most effective way to stop receiving unwanted e-mail is to be cautious about how to use your e-mail address and location. If you publish your email address via social media and publicly available resources, you will get more and more unsolicited emails every day because spam owners collect e-mail addresses from those sources that are generally accessible to promote their business or penetrate Email addresses. So, the best way to stop receiving unwanted and annoying emails is to keep your email address confidential. If You forgot your AOL mail password, read this change AOL account password.

In this article, we will share some easy and smart tricks to get rid of unwanted emails and unsolicited newsletters. So, if you feel interested in a large number of unwanted emails in your inbox that you do not want to see, keep reading this Article about how to block junk e-mail and follow the simple steps.

Steps to Block Unwanted Emails in AOL Account

  • Share your Email Address attentiveness :
    The more people know your email address, the more unwanted emails you will receive. Therefore, hide your e-mail identification from online scammers and keep it as secret as possible.
  • Never respond to un-managed emails :
    If you receive an email address and believe that this is a spam message and should not be in your inbox, do not reply to that message and do not click on any link in messages. Mark the all message as spam and delete it as soon as possible.
  • Block the unknown senders: Blocking a sender means not allowing him to send you more emails. Most email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook, offer a direct option to block unwanted emails. Once you block a sender, your email service provider will not allow the sender to send you any messages in the future.
  • create a spam filter AOL mail :
  1. Go to your AOL Mail Account. Select all messages you want to send in spam.
  2. At the top of Page click on Spam option.
  3. Create a span Filter: Go to Your Account Page. Under Your username, Click on the mail setting Option.
  4. choose the Spam Settings tab. Enter all Username of all email Address you want to block.
  5. Next, Click on “Plus icon +”.  After That Save the Setting.
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