Change Verizon Wi-Fi Password

Change Verizon Wi-Fi Password

Verizon Communications is one of the best wireless services provider in the worlds to its customers, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. So, if you use Verizon Wireless services, you should know how to change the Verizon Wi-Fi password. You can read this blog how to change the Verizon Wi-Fi password.

Verizon offers a variety of wireless services to meet everyone’s needs. Therefore, it provides customized wireless services for both homes and small, Medium businesses.

Why Change Verizon WiFi Password?

There are many reason for change Verizon WiFi Password. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Forget Verizon WiFi password.
  • Verizon WiFi Password hacked and Change.
  • When You share WiFi Password with more users and they shared with her friends or others.
  • Verizon WiFi Connection internet access getting slow speed.
  • Many time entering wrong username and Password Account get locked.

How To Change Verizon WiFi Password?

  • Connect your computer or laptop with Verizon wireless network.
  • Open your web browser (like this Chrome,bing,Safari,mozilla etc.) and in the address bar type “My IP”.
  • After this you find a numeric value like this “” it called IP Address.
  • Now enter IP Address in web browser address bar and press enter button.
  • Now a message will appear requesting username and password. The default username and password can be written on the label on the router.
  • Now Enter the default username and password.
  • Once you have logged in, go to Wireless Settings>Security menu. Then Click on the “Change Password” field.
  • Now create a strong password, which you will easily remember and unique.

Change Verizon Password Access For Home Network :

Verizon offers a variety of wireless services and products for the home entertainment. So, if you have Verizon wireless service for your home, you can follow the steps below to change your network password.

There are many ways to change your Verizon Wi-Fi password. Some of the methods are:

  • My Verizon
  • My Fios App
  • Router Label

How do i Change my Wi-Fi Password Using My Verizon :

If you have a Fios Quantum Gateway or a Verizon Fios Advanced router, you can go to the My Verizon page to sign in to your account. Follow the steps below to make a change:

  • At the top, scroll to Services and then click on the Internet.
  • Then go to Network, click on a network and select Manage. Then enter your new name or password credentials.
  • Once you have finished editing your credentials, you can click Save to save your changes.
  • The Verizon password has now been changed. If your Wi-Fi access is disabled, you must enable Wi-Fi access in the pop-up window that will appear so you can manage your settings.
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