How to Fix AOL Error Code 17099

How to Fix AOL Error Code 17099

How to Fix AOL Error Code 17099?

Users can face error 17099 while sending or receiving emails. An error code like this has been shown when the message has been displayed on the screen “The administrator can not be sent related to the restriction by email” screen. Fix AOL error code 17099 should be the first priority for users.

Causes of the AOL Error Code 17099?

The following are the reasons for obtaining such error:

  • The user is trying to send the email to a large email group and the number of ISPs is stuck to the specified limit.
  • Email error code 17099 may be caused by a loss of Windows system files.
  • An unexpected code has been returned by the SMTP server

Steps to Fix AOL Error Code 17099?

If the Error is due to the SMTP server

If you encounter an error due to the SMTP server, follow these steps:

  • Exit all running applications first.
  • Now open the “Applications” folder and browse for MS Office and double click to search for “Microsoft Database Utility”
  • Click on the “OLM” file.
  • Then click on the “rebuild” option.
  • The “Rebuilding Main Identity” progress window will be shown.
  • After the process is finished, a message will appear “Your database has been successfully Rebuilt.
  • Finally, click the “Done” button.

If emails are sent to large groups :

Note the following steps when the error appears due to sending emails in large groups:

  • If an email is sent to a large group that has more than 50 users
  • To increase the number of users of 50 recipients, you should contact the mail provider.
  • Mail provider can increase recipients per message and you can avoid receiving these messages.

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