Fix the AOL email Sync Error with Windows 10 Mail App

Fix the AOL email Sync Error with Windows 10 Mail App

How to sync Your AOL e-mail with Windows 10 mail app

AOL is a Most popular email service provider, but despite its popularity, many users have reported some issues. Talking about AOL issues, in this article, we are going to cover the following topics:

  • Settings of AOL mail server – The main reason for sync problems with AOL mail is the server settings. If you have any problems with AOL mail, be sure that your AOL Mail Server setting is not correct. So Check Your AOL Mail Server problems may be solved.
  • AOL Mail and Windows 10 problems – There are many problems that can occur with AOL Mail and Windows 10. If you’re having any AOL Mail problems, be sure that you can try some of our these solutions.

How to add Your AOL email to Windows 10 Mail App:

If you do not add your AOL email correctly, there may be synchronization issues. To avoid this problem, we will show you how to add your AOL email to Windows 10.
AOL Mail app not working Properly –If AOL Mail is not working in the app, then the problem may be your antivirus. Just disable your antivirus and check that the problem has been resolved or not.

Solution 1:– Remove your AOL account in Windows 10 Mail App and add it again

If you can not sync AOL email with the Windows 10 Mail app, then the problem may be your email account. Sometimes your configuration file may be corrupted, causes this problem to appear. You can fix this problem by removing your AOL account in Windows 10. You can do this by following these steps:

In the Windows 10 Mail or Calendar app, select Settings.
Choose the AOL mail server settings
Go to Manage accounts > Delete an account > Choose and delete the AOL Mail account.
AOL and Windows 10 problems: After removing your account, you have to add it again and check whether the problem still exists or not.

Solution 2:– Turn on the privacy settings to reach the app on your calendar

Go to Settings > Privacy > Calendar > Turn on the “Let apps access my calendar” feature in AOL.
Change the AOL Mail sync duration:
In your Windows Mail app, go to Settings.
Click on Account settings and Chose the AOL account.
New dialogue box Open, click on AOL Sync Settings and personalize(Change the Duration) the sync duration.
After these steps, Windows 10 Mail will start synchronizing your AOL email accounts.

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