Fix Unknown Error Code 0X80072F0D In Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular applications in the Microsoft family. It has been a staple for professionals and students for over a decade. If you use Outlook a lot, you may have encountered error 0X80072F0D. Error 0X80072F0D is very common and prevails in the most recent iteration of the program. You may have found some solutions online, but they may or may not work. In this article, we will provide you error solution which will definitely work with Outlook error 0X80072F0D.

What is the error Code 0X80072F0D In Outlook email?

Outlook 0X80072F0D error is also known as active sync error and occurs mainly in the 2007 version of Outlook. This bug has been known to happen in other versions as well.

For example, error 0X80072F0D also occurs in the 2010 version of Microsoft Outlook. 0X80072F0D randomization makes it difficult to determine the true cause of the error. Whether it’s Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or other versions, the spread of this bug puzzles many people.

Although Microsoft Outlook is a jewel of software, it is sometimes fraught with problems. Error 0X80072F0D is a little annoying problem. When you look at the error for the first time, you might think this might be a server end error but the problem is local.

Resolve the 0X80072F0D error in Microsoft Outlook :

The problem is with your SSL connection. This is a type of security feature and is used to secure communications. An SSL connection requires the use of a certificate issued by a certification authority such as Digicert.

Your Windows phone relies on a limited number of ACs. If you obtain a self-signed certificate, your Windows phone will not trust it.

For a PC, an exception can be added, but on a mobile device, the certificate must be installed manually. See the following steps to install the certificate.

  1. Run It is an Internet Information Service extension offered by Microsoft.
  2. Right click on the website and choose properties, go to the direct security tab and click on view certificates.
  3. Click on the certificate path tab and choose the root certificate. Remember not to click on Owa SSL Certificate.
  4. Click on view certificates followed by Details tab, select copy the file
  5. Leave the explore file format as default
  6. To install the certificate on your phone, open file explorer and simply click on the file.

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