Fun things to type into Google Search Bar – Fun With Google

Fun things to type into Google Search Bar – Fun With Google

From functional to fun: the almighty search engine is packed with more cool Google tricks than you might imagine.

Note : This Works on Desktop Google

1. do a barrel roll

Typing “do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice” into Google will make the Google search page roll flip 360 degrees. Why? Both phrases are a reference to Star Fox for fun, in which you must hit the Z or R button twice to roll your fighter left or right.

2. Blinking

Typing in “<blink>” searches Google bar for blink and then makes every instance of the word blink in the results … blink. Yep.

3. google in 1998

Do you remember what happened when Google first saw this on the open web in 1998? The aesthetics were similar, but in the late 1990s, the 2016 web design is far ahead. Type on GoogleGoogle in 1998” to show what the search engine was like before and search as if you have lost 18 years.

4. conway’s game of life

British mathematician John Horton Conway developed Game of Life as a cellular automation, where the player sets the initial parameters and then observes that evolutionism is over. Typing on Google colliding “Conway’s game of life into Google enters a smaller version of the simulation in the browser.


Typing on Google askew” into Google sets the whole page off at a tilted angle. “Tilt” also used to work, but I couldn’t get it to do anything in my testing.

6. Flip a coin

While Google may solve every question you have come up, for those that are unable to be answered by facts, flip a coin!

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