How can I fix unused error on AOL screen name?

Unused error on AOL Fix AOL screen name :

AOL is a common problem in the screen name, it is possible that those AOL repairs cannot be signed up for an AOL screen name. Well, if you regularly use AOL Desktop for email, instant messaging, and web browsing, you can configure your screen name to reduce the time of the login. If you share the computer with others, all users will also save your AOL username. When AOL closes the desktop usage, you can remove the screen name related to the login list.

Therefore, if you are facing the same error message, do not worry about it. In this small guide, you will take the simplest steps for this problem, “How to delete the saved screen name on AOL login page“. Then follow the steps to Fix AOL Screen Name :

Step 1: – Launch AOL Desktop Software
First of all, you have AOL Desktop software.

Step 2: – Choose the name of the screen
You will then have to click on the first drop-down menu. select the screen name you want to remove.

Step 3: – Uncheck the box
After choosing the screen name, you’ll need to uncheck the box next to “Remember me.

Step 4: – Delete this screen
Click “yes” to confirm that you want to delete this screen name from the list and then click on “OK

I hope your problem will be fixed.

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