How to block ads in Yahoo mail?

Let’s Discuss How to block ads in Yahoo mail:

Yahoo mail has always been a popular free mail address among its users around the world. But it doesn’t come without a price. Wide and flashing banner ads pops up every time and it gets on your nerves. It’s not fair every time when you log in to the mail but on their side they have to recover their cost after all they are providing free service. In case, you feel they are going beyond their limits you can always take certain steps to block those irritating ads. There are multiple methods to do it. And we will be providing you one among them. Connect with yahoo email customer service for help assistant .

Download the AdBlock extension

This extension is designed to block website advertising and block all banner ads displayed on your Yahoo! Mail inbox.

  • Tap the Chrome Menu Button in Google Chrome.
  • Choose “More tools” then “Extensions”.
  • Now tap the “Get more extensions” link at the edge of the page.
  • Look for “AdBlock”.
  • Touch the “+ Free” button next to the AdBlock extension and then tap Add button.
  1.  Set up AdBlock to block the Yahoo Mail ads.

AdBlock should be properly configured when it is installed but it’s always better to do double-checking.

  • Tap the AdBlock button next to the Chrome Menu button.
  • Choose “Options”. A new tab opens.
  • Tap the option “Filter Lists” and assure that check the “EasyList.”
  1. Reopen Yahoo Mai.

If you left your inbox open while you were installing AdBlock, you will need to close and reopen the AdBlock browser to take effect.

But if you still prefer other options then it’s Firefox:

  1. Download the Adblock Plus extension

This is an extension that hides commercials, and removes all the banner ads running on your Yahoo! inbox with the correct setup.

  • Tap the Menu Button in Firefox.
  • Choose “Add-ons”.
  • Look for “Adblock Plus.”
  • Tap the Install button next to Adblock Plus.
  1. Setup Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus is simply enough to get rid of the commercials but it’s always better to do double-checking.

  • Tap the “ABP” button next to the Firefox Menu button.
  • Choose “Filter Preferences”.
  • Assure that “EasyList” is checked.
  • Uncheck “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”.
  1. Reopen Yahoo mail

If you left your inbox open during Adblock Plus installation, you’ll need to close and reopen the Adblock Plus browser to take effect.

  1. Attempt yet another extension

Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel is another common extension that simply hides advertising on your Yahoo! mail page. The difference between this and using AdBlock is that “Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel” will recover some of the space left behind by the ad. And you are lucky if you use this extension. As this extension is available only for Firefox.

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