How to Fix AOL Email auto Updating and Downloading on iPhone

How to Fix AOL Email auto Updating and Downloading on iPhone

Fix AOL Email auto Updating and Downloading on iPhone

In a continuous updating of AOL emails, failure to receive AOL emails and a blank screen on the launch of the AOL Mail app are some of the issues that users have complained about over the years. These bugs are a big problem on iPhone as they are on iPad Apple is working on some of the major issues, we have tested different effective solutions. Below is such issue on iPhone keeps updating email and how to solve them.

Solution 1: Reset Your iPhone For Update AOL Mail Setting:

How to stop auto Emails downloading and updating on the iPhone?

  1. Soft reset your iPhone’s and the “slide to power off” button appears on the screen.
  2. Hit it and press sleep again For iPhone 8/8 Plus / X users, press Volume +, Volume- and hold the Sleep / Wake button Swipe left and right when the screen turns black This is a soft reset.

This is a soft reset and will therefore not delete your data.

Solution 2: Delete and Setup Email Account in iPhone :

How to stop iPhone keeps downloading deleted Emails?
To get started solution for update:

  • Go to iPhone Settings
  • Click on Accounts & Password.
  • Choose tap on your Mail service account
  • Select “Delete Account”.

Your AOL Mail Account must be deleted.

After deleting the AOL Mail Account, add your other AOL email account a fresh by start, Go to Settings > Accounts & Password (Settings > Mail > Accounts for iOS and later version) and choose “Add Account“. Select your AOL email service provider. Log in by entering your AOL email address and password. Tap “Next“. AOL Mail will verify your account after which you can choose the information you would like to see on your account. The finish of by tapping Save.

Solution 3: Change AOL Mail Settings

Is your iPhone downloading thousands of emails? Force close your AOL Mail App, delete your AOL mail account, force restarts your iPhone and adds the AOL mail accounts again. If that doesn’t work and you are still wondering how to stop AOL emails automatically downloading on iPhone, Set your AOL email as IMAP, Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Proceed and turning Push to OFF and Fetch to Manually in the setting.

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