How to Fix Outlook Express error code 0x800c0133

Fix Outlook Express Occurred Error code 0x800c0133

Outlook Express is one of the most popular email clients for managing email services, Stores all data items in the mailbox in DBX file format. But sometimes while working on it users face some errors like Outlook Express sending get 0x800C0133. It is the common mistake that almost all Outlook Express users encounter when trying to send or receive emails.

Now in order for Outlook Express to return to normal operating state and resolve the problem of Outlook Express not sending or receiving emails, it is important to correct this error as soon as possible. As it is the common error faced by almost all users, it is important to understand that the root cause of an unknown error has occurred with error code 0x800c0133. Therefore this post will explain the two reasons and respective solutions related to this Outlook Express error code 0x800c0133.

“An unknown error has occurred. Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure (SSL); No, Error Number: 0x800C0133.”

This error usually faces users when the Outlook Express inbox has become corrupted or damaged. It means the Outlook Express data file, that is, the DBX file is corrupted. Outlook Express error number 0x800c0133 is the most common problem faced by multiple users causing Outlook Express not to send or receive email problems.

Why Outlook Express Error code 0x800c0133 :

There are several reasons why Outlook Express does not send or receive an email problem that occurs with error code 0x800c0133 and they are all discussed below:

  • There is corruption in the Windows registry
  • If DBX file gets corrupted or damaged, then users also face this error.
  • A user has not installed Outlook Express email client properly on the local machine.
  • Size of the inbox.dbx file is greater than the default file size limitation
  • There is corruption in Windows system files.

Let’s Solve Outlook Express Error 0x800c0133 Manually :

Method 1: Try to Fix inbox.dbx file

  1. First of all, open Outlook Express application on the local machine
  2. After that, move to local folders and choose New Folder option
  3. Then, you have to create a new folder with Temp as a name
  4. Next, transfer all email messages from the Inbox folder to the newly created Temp folder
  5. Now, click on the Browse button and choose the destination location for Inbox.dbx file

Using Outlook Express :-

  • Now in Outlook Express you need to click on the Tools menu and choose Options
  • Then go directly to the Maintenance tab to troubleshoot Outlook Express when sending emails.
  • Finally, click on the store folder >> open the store location dialog box
  • After that just quit the Outlook Express app
  • To confirm, just move the destination location and find the Inbox.DBX file
  • Then delete the inbox.dbx file and start the Outlook Express app again
  • Here, you can re-create the Inbox folder in the Outlook Express mail client
  • In the end, you can easily move the messages from the Temp folder to the Inbox folder

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