How to Fix the Outlook error 0x80040201?

Fix the Outlook error 0x80040201 :

When sending an email to a recipient, users report Outlook error 0x80040201. This error can occur for various reasons including wrong STMP settings, anti-virus antivirus or even Outlook add-ons.

Outlook initially can’t send, then it also doesn’t allow me to save my email (very disappointing). In the end, I recreated the email list and senders and sent them again, and immediately received an unknown send error 0x80040201.┬áIf you are also annoyed by this error, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you solve Outlook send error 0x80040201.

1.Check for add-in issues :-

  • Press Windows Key + R to open Run.
  • Type the following and click OK:
  • Outlook / secure
  • The above command will run the Outlook client in safe mode.
  • Once in safe mode, try to send an email to a recipient and check if the error is resolved.

If the error does not occur in safe mode, you may have third-party plug-ins that create client functionality issues.

  1. Start Outlook
  2. Go to a file and select options.
  3. In the right pane, select the Plugin tab.
  4. Disable / remove all third party plugins. Start by uninstalling the latest installed plugins first.
  5. Once the add-ons are removed, restart the Outlook client and check for improvements.

2. Clear the Autocomplete list :

  1. Start the Outlook client.
  2. Click File and select Options.
  3. Open the Mail tab from the left panel.
  4. Scroll down to the Send messages section.
  5. Click the Clear Auto-Complete List button.
  6. Click OK to save the changes.
  7. Now try to send an email and check for improvements.

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