How to login /sign in to your BellSouth email account?

Login /sign in to your BellSouth email account

Bellsouth formally known as BellSouth Corporation is an American telecommunication company based in Atlanta, Georgia. In the year 2006, AT&T Inc. acquired BellSouth. Many people register with BellSouth and have created a BellSouth email account. You can also use this email account to send and receive emails for business use. Using your web browser on your computer or any other device which can be used to access the internet and you can log in to your bell south account using your correct ID and password. 

 In this article we will provide you with some easy steps so that you can login to your BellSouth account. 

  1.  On your computer, open your web browser and go to AT&T email service on yahoo or you can use this link to directly reach the webpage.
  2. On the web page you can see the option to sign in to your account on the top right corner, click on that to proceed. Or, you can also click on the mail icon to proceed to sign in.
  3. You will be redirected to AT&T log in/sign in on the webpage.
  4. You need to enter the Bellsouth email address or the username registered with BellSouth in the username section.
  5. Next you need to enter the password for the account in the password section.
  6. Click on sign in to proceed.

You can also log in to your BellSouth account directly from AT&T; you need to make sure to select by clicking which will be in the drop down box next to the username. Also, once you are signed in to your account you need to just click on home and then select mail to directly reach your BellSouth mail account. One more thing just for your convenience you can add the BellSouth email account to email clients such as Microsoft office outlook.

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