Reset Mozilla Thunderbird Email password

Reset Mozilla Thunderbird Email password

Mozilla Thunderbird

 Mozilla Thunderbird email has been used worldwide by many users to meet their personal and professional needs. This email service is able to track user messages and is also dependent on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

An easy way to protect your digital password is to change your email password every time. This prevents your account from being automatically accessed with a previously saved password.

Mozilla Thunderbird returns an error when it tries to receive mail or deliver an email you have written if your saved password does not match the current password of the server. You can update your expired password in Thunderbird through your Password Manager . You can also delete old passwords saved for your account.

Change a Saved Password in Thunderbird

Thunderbird simply stores your password and other information with complete security, and you can access it when you need it:

  • Go to the Three Parallel Line  in Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the Option. (Depending on Version of Thunderbird)
Reset Mozilla Thunderbird Email Password
Reset Mozilla Thunderbird Email Password
  • Security Settings page.
  • Click on the Saved Password.
Saved Password
Saved Password
  • You will now see the entire list of saved accounts that you may have previously used.
  • Now you can select this account you need to find a password.
  • Click Show password and you will get your account password.
  • Right-click the email server you want to edit and select Edit Password.
  • Type the new password into the field, then press Enter.
  • Select Close to return to the previous screen.
  • Relaunch Thunderbird.
Thunderbird Mail Have Advance Features :

Thunderbird’s best feature is that it gives you a hassle-free experience. Not only that, the email service consists of some excellent features that will amaze you. Here’s a quick look at some of Thunderbird’s email features:

  • Compatible across different systems: One of the most amazing features of this program is that it can be run across multiple platforms and you can use it on different operating systems
  • Tabbed Email: Tabbed email allows you to download email messages in different tabs, making it easier for you to move between them. Upon exiting Thunderbird, the visible tabs will be saved and restored the next time Thunderbird is opened
  • Automatic updates: You don’t need to worry about manually updating the software, it will update automatically, and your work is sorted
  • Add a personal touch: You can make your email more personal by adding a personal touch like you can choose many themes and colors according to your style.
  • Strong privacy: Remote images are automatically blocked by Thunderbird to ensure privacy, and they also support the “Do Not Track” option
  • One-click address book: You can easily add people by just clicking on the star icon in the message you receive.
  • Ensures Security: Thunderbird secures your security and protects you with 256-bit encryption and filtering software
  • Archives: You can remove your email from the inbox without deleting it. You can archive it so that it can be used for future purposes.

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