Set Up Roadrunner Email on Android & iPhone

Set Up Roadrunner Email on Android & iPhone

How to Set Up Roadrunner Email on Android & iPhone

Roadrunner email is essentially used for personal and professional medium for business. It is an Internet service provider (web-mail) that comes with additional options such as online address book, large storage capacity, message classification, security, authentication and user authorization. However, many of Roadrunner’s email problems arise with extreme concern. Roadrunner Service has a team of highly qualified and licensed professionals who understand all problem solving techniques.

Common Roadrunner problems occur with the account:

  • Problems in POP and IMAP
  • Sending and receiving emails and attachments
  • Problems with reading and writing emails
  • Unable to block an unwanted email address
  • Installing and restoring the email backup before updating to the desired versions

If the Roadrunner email does not work on your iPhone or Android stops working, then you will have to reconfigure it. By the way, most people find it difficult to set up emails for roadrunners on their iPhone or Android App. However, it is an easy process, so don’t worry. Read the Solution below.

All you have to do is the exact relevant task so that once you complete this process, you reach the present. To activate it on your iPhone and Android app, you must first enter the roadrunner’s email address in the correct format by checking the Caps Lock button. And then continue with the following process.

Setup Roadrunner Email Android app :

If you want to setup (add) Roadrunner email on your Android smartphone, it will be difficult to make it work. Some people gave up and simply set up their email to work via Gmail. However, you can start working directly with the Android messaging application. Just use these steps.

  • Open the email application.
  • Enter your Roadrunner email address and press “Next.”
  • Select “Personal (POP3)”, then tap “Next.”
  • Enter your Roadrunner password, then tap “Next.”
  • Enter the following information for “Incoming server configuration”:
  • Username: your email address complete with @ included at the end (this varies by location, maybe or something else).
  • Password: your Roadrunner email password.
  • Server: (this varies by location, see the list here).
  • Port: 110
  • Security Type: None
  • When finished, press “Next“.
  • Enter the following information for “Outgoing server configuration”:
  • Server: (Domain varies by location, click here for a list).
  • Port: 587 (can also be 25)
  • Security Type: None
  • Require a connection: verify
  • Username: (domain varies by location)
  • Password: your Roadrunner email password.
  • Touch “Next“, then “Next” again.
  • Enter a name in the “Your name” field. This is the name that will be shown to people when they receive an email from you.
    press “Next“.
    You have successfully set up your roadrunner email account on your Android device.

Roadrunner Email Setup on iPhone :

  • First, you must select the “Settings” option of your iPhone.
  • Now opt for mail, contacts and calendars.
  • After that, choose “Add Account” or an existing Roadrunner ID if it has already been configured.
  • Now select “Other
  • Choose the option “Add an e-mail account” and meet the following conditions:
  • Type your name first
  • Now enter the email address, p.
  • Fill out the correct password you created yourself. And when entering the password, check the capital lock on your keyboard
  • Now complete the description section that you will see in the list of accounts on iPhone
  • After that, press the “Next” button
  • Select POP and complete the outgoing mail server or the incoming mail server
  • Host of the incoming mail server =
  • Username =
  • Password = your password
  • Host of the outgoing mail server =
  • Username =
  • Password = your password
  • At the end, select the “Save” button to save all the credentials.

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