Update AOL Mail Setting

ALL Update AOL Mail Settings

Learn about update AOL mail setting. That your need in any time when you use AOL mail account. So feel lucky that you have a chance learn to update your AOL mail account mail setting.

AOL Mail gives you a personalized your mail account to yourself. To see Update AOL Mail Setting, learn how to update your AOL mail settings and feel how you need it. Read how to reset the AOL password.

  • Sign in into your AOL Mail Account.
  • Go to Mail Setting choosing the under Your Username Option drop down Menu.
  • Then Choose the Mail Setting Option.

Click the tab for the setting What you want to change.

Update AOL Mail General Setting Option :

The general setting has many options to these given below settings.

  • Today on AOL Setting: This Option Select what show latest news, unread messages, mail tips.
  • Sender Name Display: Choose this setting to display either the sender’s name or email address.
  • Reading Setting: Choose how you want your email to appear in your inbox.
  • Auto Sign Off: Choose how long AOL will automatically shut you off.

Compose settings Options :

This Change selection any of the following settings. These are given below.

  • Cc/Bcc Setting: Choose if you want to display Cc / Bcc or not.
  • Default Compose Mode setting: Choose how you want to show the compose screen display. Such as Write mail in the pop-up screen, plane composes, separate window.
  • Rich Text/HTML Setting: This Option has to create a signature and display as text/HTML Editing font and color.
  • Display Name Setting: Enter the name you want to display When you send the email.
  • Sending Option Setting: Choose how you want to check your sent messages. Such as spelling checking before send, email addresses automatically added to Your contact list, confirmation to appear on the page.
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