What is LinkedIn? Why Should You Be Use It?

What is LinkedIn? Why Should You Be Use It?

What is Linkedin?

LinkedIn is a social networking site specially designed for the business community. The site’s goal is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.

As of 2020, more than 722 million professionals use LinkedIn to grow their careers and businesses.

One such social media website after knowing about which you will forget about Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Come learn about LinkedIn, the place where the money is. LinkedIn is the largest business-to-business social network in the world.

Whether you’re a marketing executive at a large company, a business owner running a small local shop, or even a first-year college student looking for your first job after graduation, LinkedIn is for everyone. Interested in taking your professional. Take life more seriously by looking for new opportunities to develop your career and connect with other professionals. Here we know about some super cool Linkedin Profile Tips.

How to make a professional Linkedin Account?

So if you want to be there and you want to be successful on LinkedIn then it is important that you have a good LinkedIn profile.

To make a good profile on LinkedIn, you should know about three such things.

  • The first thing is your profile picture.
  • The second thing you want to do, the great title headline.
  • The Last and Third write a strong summary.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is very important because based on your profile picture people will want to join you or give you a business offer or maybe offer you a job. Now, if you don’t have a profile picture or if it is out of date then you really have to work on that. Let’s Know about LinkedIn Profile Tips.

What do you need to have a good profile picture?

Well, first thing is that it has to look like this as under below.

  • Look into the camera.
  • Smile Face.
  • Neutral Background.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Wearing minimal jewelry and accessories.
  • Certainly No headwear or No sunglasses.

These are things to avoid in your profile picture.

  1. Like Shadows, this photo might work on Instagram but it’s not really suitable for Linkedin. OK, this one.
  2. I guess no explanation is needed, never wine. These are actually existing profile pictures I found on LinkedIn.
  3. Ok, this was taken in a car, not looking into the camera, bad light.
  4. The man with the big cigar.
  5. And this woman is probably on vacation somewhere.
LinkedIn Profile Image avoid them

Now, another thing you can do is to update your background picture on LinkedIn as well because very few people do. And standard, by default you like this blue background image which is a bit boring then you can update it.

And it’s really easy and it really helps you look even more professional on LinkedIn. So let me give you an example of a background picture for example here’s an example of “Eplanet Computer

She is a market researcher and strategist and this is an absolutely fantastic background picture she explains. So make it work for you.

Like This :

Headline of Linkedin

The second thing you want to do is take a look at your title.

Your title is the part of the text that appears below your name. And your headline is what you need to see as an ad’s title. You need to know how to add people to your profile and inspire them to read more about you.

Now by default, LinkedIn uses your job title there.

There’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes that can be a little bit boring. Like marketing assistant or sales manager or whatever. So there’s a simple rule that you can use to enhance to make your title better on Linkedin. And that’s to use your job function and company name + most important keywords + Zing factor.

Now let me explain that. Of course, you have your job title and then your company name but it’s also very important to add the important keywords.

Because when people visit LinkedIn they often try to find certain profiles. They use the search option to find certain profiles.

Now think about the keywords people will use to find you and include them in your headline. For example, if you are a marketing manager or marketing professional and have experience in SEO or e-mail marketing, it is important to use those words SEO and e-mail marketing in your title.

Helping people in their professional development managed to bring all the important keywords into the headline and make it engaging and engaging. Marketing and Branding Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Youtuber, and Founder.

Profile Summary

Now the third thing you want to do is write a strong summary. The summary is the part of the text that you can find below your headline. In your summary, you can state what your skills are, what your strengths are.

Summery Section LinkedIn
Summary Section Linkedin

For example, if you are a sales manager, you might describe in your summary how you can help other people, how you can help businesses grow, or what solutions you can offer them. Also in your summary, you can add social proof. Now it is very strong. You can add links to your website, in a blog, share a slide, and you can even add YouTube videos there. And it’s very easy to do, it is very simple.

I’ll show you how it works. Here is my summary and as you can see I have a link to my web page and a link to a youtube video. So when you click here people can watch youtube videos inside the LinkedIn application.


It is extremely easy to add external media. Just click the pencil here to edit your profile. Scroll down to the Summary section and there you have the upload buttons for files and links. So let’s say we want to link to a Youtube video, just paste the link here, and as you can see you get the preview and you can change the title and description if you want. OK, so here’s an added bonus.

Most Important Reasons to Use LinkedIn

It’s free :

There is a paid option that offers additional benefits, but the basic free version offers a lot of features. One caveat: Although it is financially free to create and maintain an account, these tasks take your time.

Best way to join a good Network :

LinkedIn can help you build a virtual network of contacts with people. While it’s easy to lose a business card, a connection on LinkedIn will always be there. If you are looking for a job at some point in your career, then this can prove to be useful for you.

Use it to Recruit: You can use LinkedIn for posting jobs. Also, use to hiring the candidate for your companies.

Searching for a job on Linkedin: Nowadays Linkedin is the best way to find a job related to your profile. Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with employers.

This is a good way to research companies: During the application and interview process, researching companies is an important step. Knowing about the company’s followers and employees connected company. LinkedIn can help you do this. Plus, you can see the people you’re interviewing on stage who can help you prepare for your conversation.

Establish yourself as an information professional :

By sharing articles or insights, you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable and active professional in your field. To help validate that assumption, take advantage of endorsements and recommendations. These features help demonstrate that other reputable professionals in the field regard you as a skilled expert.

Build your brand: LinkedIn is an excellent platform to grow and strengthen your brand. It can increase your visibility as an individual, even as it allows you to raise your company’s profile.

People can provide endorsements and recommendations, which helps give a sense of your experience and talents to recruiters and anyone else who views your profile. In general, you can consider your LinkedIn profile as a good way to grow and build your brand. Often, a person’s LinkedIn profile page is one of the top results if someone searches for a person’s name online.

If you want you can leave a link to your LinkedIn profile in the comments below and then I’ll be happy to review it and take a look at your profile and give you some feedback and some tips on how to improve it.

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