AOL Mail displays three different types of error messages, each with its own meaning. AOL has named the error messages for its Blerk, Gah and Zoids mail service.

ZOIDS! ERROR 16 in AOL Mail:-

Temporary errors in AOL are quite common when working with your email service. A temporary mistake can create an obstacle with your regular work and is quite irritating. There are different reasons for different temporary AOL errors and there are also different errors related to each temporary error. But, the good news here is that one can easily eliminate these temporary errors and start working with AOL mail again. You just need to know what the troubleshooting steps are for such errors.

What is the Means of ZOIDS! ERROR 16 message along with the error code ERR2600 :-

User will see Zoids error 16 message when error code ERR2600 appears in AOL email account. Zoids error message 16 or ERR2600 is a very serious error message because this error is only displayed when the user account violates the AOL Mail Terms of Service. After viewing the ERR2600, the user receives some warnings not to further violate the AOL Mail Terms of Service. But if the user continues to breach the Terms of Service, AOL locks and suspends the account.

ZOIDS! ERROR 9 in AOL Mail :-

ZOIDS! ERROR 9 message in AOL Mail :- If you see ZOIDES! ERROR 9, along with error code ERR1116, means that you tried to log in to AOL Mail with an unsupported account type. To access AOL Mail, please try logging in with a different AOL username or email address.

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