PDF File Not Open in AOL Mail

PDF File Not Open in AOL Mail

Can’t open PDF in AOL Mail :-

Interestingly, the AOL PDF is not opening, usually not because of a fault of the AOL service but because of misconfiguration in the mail-handling environment.

The most popular PDF reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader, so we will troubleshoot AOL mail attachments issues with Adobe Acrobat Reader as our PDF reader.

Let’s fix AOL Mail not opening PDF files?

Step:-1 Install a PDF reader

PDF readers handle PDF files, and installing a PDF reader configures your browser to be able to open PDF attachments directly in the browser or with a PDF reader. To troubleshoot AOL PDF attachment problems, install a compatible PDF reader on your computer.

As mentioned above, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the world’s most popular PDF editor and reader, and for good reason. It is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes, so any bugs that may appear will likely go away on their own with the next update. Also, the product is very easy to use, so give it a try.

Download :-  Acrobat Adobe PDF Reader

Step:-2 Check PDF compatibility

If the PDF file originated from an Apple computer, trying to view it from Windows might cause problems with AOL’s attachment. Let the sender know that you are using a Windows computer if you plan to send PDF files to them. In terms of support, in addition to file and system compatibility, you may also encounter issues with AOL mail attachments from your web browser and hardware settings. If these don’t meet the minimum specifications for handling AOL mail, problems arise.

Step:-3 Disable antivirus temporarily

Sometimes antivirus software marks AOL mail attachments as risky and blocks these files. This leads to problems attaching to AOL mail as well as email reminders not being sent from AOL. If the PDF reader is working properly but AOL PDF still won’t open, disable your antivirus now and try again.

Step:-4 Configure AOL attachments to open in Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader

  1. Start Adobe Acrobat Reader, but first close the browser.
  2. Click the “Edit” menu and select “Preferences.”
  3. In the menu on the left, click Internet.
  4. After that, deselect View PDF in browser and then hit OK.
  5. Finally, restart your browser.

Step:-5 Quick restore AOL

  • To perform a quick restore, find AOL System Information in the Start menu and run the utility.
  • After that, go to the left side of the screen and click on the AOL Software tab.
  • Press Quick Restore, and on the next screen, click OK.
  • Wait for a quick restore to complete then close the window.
  • Restart your AOL app.

Note that the New and Update feature is only available in AOL desktop programs.

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