How to Check Graphics Card (GPU) Is in Your PC

How to Check Graphics Card (GPU) Is in Your PC

All computers have graphics hardware that does everything from drawing your desktop and decoding videos to demanding PC games. Most modern PCs have graphics processing units (GPUs) made by Intel, NVIDIA or AMD.

What is Graphics Card in Computer ?

A Graphic card basic is an electronic card or hardware component that is in your computer or laptop as well as a smartphone.

You can inbuilt these cards from the company into the motherboard of a laptop or computer, and if you wish, you can insert an external graphic card into your computer.

Graphic cards are also called video cards, display cards, or display adapters. The image you see on any computer or laptop is made up of small pixels.

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To create an image, thousands of pixels are displayed on the screen. To manage the images, pictures, and videos displayed on a computer monitor, the computer needs software or a program that can manage the Pixel AV display.

The graphics card is used to increase a computer’s video memory and gives more high definition to its display quality. This makes the computer more powerful and gives it the ability to perform more high-level tasks. The quality of the image depends on the quality of the graphics card. Gaming and video editing on PC is very important. Each game requires graphics memory to start and it depends on the type of game, and the requirements are mentioned on the game box.

Types of Graphics Card :

  • Integrate –
    • Graphics that are built into the motherboard are known as integrated, typically used in most laptops, not easily upgraded.
  • Discrete
    • It is an external graphics card that is a hardware and is added to the motherboard as an additional component. Most people may not need an external graphics card to work on a PC. Graphics cards , users playing high resolution games and video editing may require an external component ie graphics card.

How to Check Graphics Card :-

Follow the two method to find what type and company, size of graphics card used in your computer.

1. Using DirectX Diagnostic Tool :

  • Click Start.
  • On the Start menu, click Run Or(Windows Key + R).
  • In the open box, type “dxdiag” , and then click OK (hit Enter Key).
DirectX Diagnostic Tool
Window Key + R
  • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool opens. Click on the Display tab.
  • On the Display tab, information about your graphics card is shown in the Devices section. You can see the name of your card, as well as how much video memory is in it.
DirectX Diagnostic Tool Options

2. Using Task Manager

On Windows 10, you can check your GPU information and usage details from Task Manager.

  • Press On Your Keyboard “Windows Key + R
  • Type “taskmgr “. Click Ok / hit Enter Key.
Task Manager
Task Manager
  • Click the “Performance” tab at the top of the window – if you don’t see the tab, click “More Information“.
  • Select “GPU 0” in the sidebar. The GPU manufacturer and model name is displayed in the upper right corner of the window.
Task Manager GPU 0
Task Manager GPU 0

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