Troubleshoot Problems frontier mail account [ New Solution]

Show message header :-

Each email includes a block of text indicated by the header at the top. The title contains details about the letter, including:

  • Sender information
  • Information container
  • Servers that handled the message as it passed from sender to recipient, etc.

To display the headers of an email message in Frontier Mail, while in your Inbox, right-click the email in question and select Show Original. The message headers will appear in a new window.

Troubleshoot Problems :-

Here are solutions to some problems you may encounter. Click on the link that best suits the problem you are trying to solve.

Bounce Back Error :-

If you are trying to send an email message and it returns with an error message:

  1. You may have made a mistake in your email address. Please check for typographical errors and try again. If it still bounces, that address may no longer exist.
  2. You may have exceeded your message limit, attached to a file that is too large, or included too many recipients.
  3. Mail server error messages, explanations, and solutions are detailed on the Frontier Customer page.

Can’t Switch to Advanced View :-

If you cannot switch from Basic HTML view for Frontier Mail to advanced view, your computer screen resolution might be too low. This is an easy mod to do the following:

  • Right-click on an empty portion of your PC’s Desktop and select Properties > Settings. (If your computer runs Windows 7, click Screen Resolution.)
  • In the Screen area section of the window, use the slider bar to increase your screen area to at least 1024 x 768 pixels. (If your computer runs Windows 7, click the menu next to Resolution to find the slider bar.)
  • Click Apply > OK.

Do not send or read receipts :-

Frontier Mail does not acknowledge sending or reading receipts. A dispatch receipt is a message confirming that your message was delivered. A read receipt is a message confirming that the recipient has opened your email, but it is possible that the recipient has blocked any read notifications.

The same messages over and over again :-

If you get the same emails over and over again, chances are you have one message preventing you from receiving all of your emails. You can directly access the mail server at to determine which message may be causing the problem. If you can determine which message is causing the problem, delete it from the mail server and your other email will be delivered correctly.

Email Quotas & Size Limits :-

To help reduce spam, we limit the amount of mail our customers can send per hour and day. You can still send mail in a reasonable amount. This limit can help prevent large quantities of mail from arriving from spam robots, viruses, etc.

The amount of space available on the border mail server depends on your service plan. To see how much space you have, log into Frontier Account Editor * using your full email address on Frontier, FrontierNet, Citilink, NewNorth, Epix, or Global Valley. Click Email> Use website storage. You will not be able to exceed your space allocation on the mail server. If a message arrives that exceeds your quota, it bounces back to the sender. They receive a notification that the message cannot be delivered because you exceeded the quota.

We recommend that you do not try to send any attachments larger than 2 to 3 MB:

Try to save your photos in .jpg (not .bmp) format – it takes less space and speeds up the sending process.
Consider using FTP space instead of sending an email – this way, you’ll only send a link by email, rather than the entire file. To see how to do this, read about uploading files using an FTP program at Upload my website.
If you use your residential account to email your business, consider upgrading to Business Class. The business class product has an upper limit for messages per hour / day than the residential product.

Quota warning: When new mail is added to your mailbox on the mail server, the quota is determined. When disk usage exceeds 85% of your quota, you will receive an automatic quota warning message. To reduce the amount of space your email uses, consider deleting old or unnecessary messages – especially messages with large file attachments. Make sure to empty the Trash to really delete the messages.

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