Create A Verizon Email Account

Create A Verizon Email Account

In 2017, Verizon retired its email provider for all customers and migrated to AOL Email. However, if you switched to another email client like Outlook or Verizon AOL Email before this, you can still access your email address from and use that Verizon account.

Can I create a new Verizon email account? – Verizon email registration

How do I create a new Verizon email account or is Verizon Webmail closed?

After Verizon acquired AOL, along with Yahoo’s core internet companies, Verizon announced that it will exit the email business and migrate existing email addresses to AOL Mail or Yahoo! Mail.

As a result, it is no longer possible to create a new email address @

Let’s to create a new email account?

However, Verizon Communications now owns AOL Mail and customers can sign up for a new email address on this platform by visiting the AOL Mail home page ( Once there, just click on the link below the login form, titled ‘Don’t have an account? Register ‘.

On the next page, you will need to enter personal information such as your name, date of birth, mobile phone number and zip code. Additionally, you will need to specify a username, which will serve as a prefix for your @ email address, as well as a password, which should be 8-16 characters long.

Unlike many other platforms, special characters are allowed, such as “!” And “#” and “@” in AOL Mail passwords.

If you prefer an email account marked with Yahoo Mail, you can subscribe to Yahoo Mail here and click “Create New Account“.

You can Register with a two service of Verizon:-

  • Wireless :
    Includes Verizon mobile, Prepaid, Postpaid and 5G Home.
  • In Home :
    Includes Fios Internet, TV, Home Phone and Home devices.

Know How to Create Primary Account – LTE Internet (Installed) Email :

  • Navigate to the Verizon Wireless website, enter the 10-digit mobile number and password then click Sign In.
  • Note The address for the site above is
  • Note To register, click Register then follow the step-by-step instructions.


  • Navigate My Verizon > My Plans & Services.
  • Click Manage Email (under My Data Plan).
  • Enter the appropriate information then click Submit.
  • Note To continue, ensure the I accept the Email Terms and Conditions box is checked.
  • Note Once the user ID is set, it cannot be changed.
  • When completed, the LTE Internet (Installed) Email homepage will be opened. To login, enter the username and password then click Sign In.
  • Note If needed, the URL for the Home Fusion Broadband Email homepage is.

Add Email Accounts to Verizon FiOS

As a Verizon FiOS subscriber, you can create up to eight email addresses and link them to your account, so that everyone in your household has access to Verizon’s email service. You can add, delete, or manage the settings for any address associated with your account through the My Verizon web portal. Remember to choose a password that is difficult to guess to prevent unauthorized access to the inboxes of the email addresses you are creating.

  • Go to My Verizon (link in Resources) and then log into the service with your Verizon username and password.
  • Click “Create New Subaccount” in the Subaccounts section of the page.
  • Enter a username for the email account you are creating.
  • Choose a password that is between six and 20 characters long for the account.
  • Select a security question and choose an answer for it. You can use the answer to reset the account password in case you lose access to it.
  • Select “Enabled” next to “Verizon Online Email” to allow the account owner to access their communications through the online email portal.
  • Click “Create Subaccount” to save your preferences and create a new email address.

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