How to fix error “504” in my AOL account ?

Fix error “504” in my AOL account?

What is Error Code 504 in AOL :

504 error is the numeric value of error. The error code number is one of the values to identify the error type. The information about the error in it, the probable cause of the error, is an error generating action. This AOL error code 504 is a server error which acts as a gateway and proxy issue to full the request by the client with an aim to access the requested URL.

The System.ini file contains a list of error codes that support the Windows operating system and software and drivers.

Why You Face AOL error 504 in Your Account :

The server is not working properly, so you are facing this particular error. Some network errors that may cause an error problem at the end of users.
• Internet connectivity is leading to the generation of such issues. Problems are mostly due to network problems.
• There may be a problem with the problem with the actual server. You may have a problem with proxy server settings due to the problem.
• Incorrect DNS configuration can lead you to this problem too.
• There may also be a problem with the Internet Service Provider, which results in error code problem.

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