AOL Computer Checkup FAQs

AOL Computer Checkup FAQs

What is AOL Computer Checkup?

AOL computer checkup is a Premium Subscription Products, AOL computer checkup is quite easy for early use, but it also includes powerful tools for the most advanced technology. Easy and easy to use, this tool is a one-stop-shop for all your computer performance issues. In addition to helping your PC run faster, it improves hard drive performance & it can retrieving deleted data.

How can I sign up in AOL Computer Checkup?

If you want to sign up for AOL Computer Checkup, follow the interaction below:

  • Visit the AOL Computer Checkup detail page.
  • Click on sign-in button. Sign in with your username and password.
  • If You’re a new user So Create an account on AOL Computer Checkup.
  • The AOL Computer Checkup email and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

If you are a new user, download AOL computer checkup tools impact speed, performance and reliability, read this article install computer checkup tools.

How can I start AOL Computer Checkup?

When Complete the AOL Computer Checkup installation Process. AOL Computer Checkup will prompt pop-up windows for perform a quick scan of your PC. Give the permission to scan PC click On “Start one-click checkup” button. When your PC During Scanning Process its called “initial scan”. After Scanning process complete AOL Computer Checkup show information to determine your computer’s current health and other areas where you need to improve.

If you want to the scan process for a later time. See the steps to scan your PC Deep Scan or Quick Scan.

To Start the AOL Computer Checkup:

  •  Open your AOL Computer Checkup application.
  •  Choose the Quick Scan or Deep Scan and then click on the Scan Now option.
  •  After scanning is completed, click Optimize.

AOL Computer Checkup Benefits include:

  • Coverage for a single PC, laptop or tablet regardless of make and model.
  • Protection against accidental damage caused by handling your laptop or tablet.
  • External hardware repairs like monitor and keyboard are covered.
  • Our mail-in repair process will get you fixed quickly, without any hassle.

AOL Computer Checkup software

If you want to know more about AOL services and technology features follow the aol help page for new update and support.

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