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Verizon Backup Assistant:

Backup Assistant Plus is an online cloud backup service that was replaced in April 2013 by Verizon Cloud. This Article helps you to fix the issues.

What is Verizon Backup Assistant Plus?

In addition to Backup Assistant, a service Backup Online Cloud, which replaced them in April 2013 by Verizon Cloud, provides a cloud for secure storage where Verizon Cloud can receive contacts, photos, music, videos, online backup documents, Message and Call Log. The Verizon Cloud application offers a variety of features that were not available with Backup Assistant Plus. If you are using Verizon Backup Assistant Plus on your Android or iOS device, it is advised to download Verizon Cloud and install.

How to Install Backup Assistant / Backup Assistant Plus Contacts:-

  • First You need to Verify that Your Device (like Smartphones,tablets,iPad,iPhone) is Compatible with.
  • Many devices come with a backup assistant that is already installed. Find the backup assistant in the application menu of your device. If it appears in the list, your device is compatible and the application is installed.
  • If Your Device has No Backup Assistant Open the app store on your device search for Verizon Backup Assistant.
  • Select Verizon Backup Assistant or Backup Assistant Plus from the search results and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device.
  • Open the Verizon Backup Assistant app on your device.
  • Select Backup Now.

How do I know if I am eligible to subscribe to Verizon Cloud?

If you have an active Verizon Wireless account, you can subscribe to Verizon Cloud. To check if your phone is compatible, open App Store on your device and search for Verizon Cloud. If the application appears in the search results, then your device is compatible. If you do not already have it on your device, you can download the Cloud application from the App Store.

There are several ways to access your content on Verizon Cloud:

  • On your compatible Android smartphone and tablet.
  • IOS devices (include iPhone and iPad)
  • Verizon cloud desktop application.
  • Use My Verizon on computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) with Internet connection.
  • You can subscribe whenever you have Internet and one of the types of devices mentioned above.

How do I download a backup assistant plus file on my phone?

To download a file from your online storage:

  • Open the Backup Assistant Plus mobile application.
  • Select the menu option for the type of content (for example, music, images, videos, documents) that you want to download.
  • Or if you are not sure, select the menu option Browse all files.
  • Browse to the file you want to download. Press and hold or hold the file.
  • From the available options, select Download.

Note: If you download multiple files, press and select the menu option. Then select multiple files and press the download option again.

  • You have successfully downloaded the file to your phone.
Troubleshooting of Verizon Backup Assistant :

The following information is general troubleshooting. For the resolution of specific problems of the device. While Backup Assistant is compatible with most of the address book fields, some fields and address book settings are. The following fields and settings are not supported because the application does not have read or write access, and backups will not be created with the backup wizard: Groups / Category,Ringer,SMS Ringer,Picture ID,Secret,Speed Dial,Voice Dial etc.

Get Help with Verizon Backup Support Assistant :

Connect with Verizon support Assistant team get all the problems solution dial Verizon service phone number.

Note: The backup assistant service can be canceled immediately without sending a notice to the email address you provided during your registration. You can cancel your use of the Backup Assistant service at any time by terminating the service with Verizon Wireless or by removing the Backup Assistant application from your device. No refund will be granted for prepaid rates. Upon completion, you will no longer have access to data, messages, files and other previously stored content.

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